It is finally the time of writing the first blog on exilestore after weeks of deliberations, meetings, quality assurance tests and last but not least, building this website which I hope you will all enjoy.

This dreadful year of the covid-19 pandemic has had many downsides and affected a lot of people negatively. For us, after the initial shock as the world was locking people up, it was an opportunity to start anew and plunge ourselves into what we are passionate about: travelling. Whilst our travelling became deprived at first and limited afterwards, no one could stop ourselves from dreaming. 

Dreaming of travel, of freedom, of no boundaries. We also dreamt about everything that enhances all those travels: premium travel accessories, gears, bags and backpacks... What we take with us and count on to make our journey easier, brighter even. 

This is how exilestore came to be: with a dream of freedom. We wanted our products to last, to carry memories from travels past, to be passed onto generations, to be loved and, perhaps most importantly, to be sustainable.

So welcome to the store and hope you enjoy browsing the site. We are here to help should you need any assistance.